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We are so completely devastated to tell you our news about poor Lola. I’ve taken some time off YouTube to come to terms with everything and our hearts are broken. She was such a special girl and it’s all still very raw. We are a family of dog lovers and with our time in isolation being so accelerated her absence and the silence around the house is completely horrendous. We have always wanted our children to be raised with animals in the home and we seen how much of an impact Lola had on their lives too, particularly as we are in lockdown together and they mention her often. It was the best decision for us to welcome another little furbaby to love into the family, she is settling in well and we can put this strange times surrounding us with Covid-19 to some good puppy training use and keep us indoors for the next few months with plenty to be busy with.

With that being said I really hope you’re all keeping safe, wherever you are in the world. This tragic situation we are in is really mind blowing and I know that social media can be used as a welcome release from the pressures and strain of life, so I have decided to vlog much more in the coming weeks and months to document our day, give our routine and ideas to keep busy and of course plenty of cherished memories with our newest family member.

Maggie is a Lilac and Tan French Bulldog – she is 9 weeks old in this video.
#FamilyVlog #isolationvlog

LOADS of love at this terrible time, Ash xx

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