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Joel McHale Cuddles Adorable Kittens While Drinking Wine With Kelly Clarkson

Joel McHale tells Kelly Clarkson that he might want to add a feline to his home full of dogs now that his wife is no longer allergic to cats. So, Kelly had the bright idea to bring out a basket of adorable, adoptable kittens for Joel to choose from! (No pressure, Joel.) #KellyClarksonShow #JoelMcHale Subscribe to The Kelly Clarkson Show: FOLLOW US Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: For even more fun stuff, visit The Kelly Clarkson Show is daytime's newest destination for humor, heart, and connection, featuring music sensation and America’s original idol, Kelly Clarkson. Read More
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TV for Dogs! The ULTIMATE Fun Entertainment for Dogs and Puppies! NEW!

TV for Dogs! The ULTIMATE Fun Entertainment for Dogs and Puppies! NEW! - Relax your dog and entertain them at the same time with this fun and soothing combination of dog footage including garden birds and riverside walks, and calming ASMR music designed for dogs! Free Music and TV : ♫♫♫ Relax My Dog Music on iTunes: Relax My Dog are experts in creating relaxing music to help calm your dog and help dogs to sleep. Our music is composed in-house by our team of producers and is useful for a variety of problems and situations. If your… Read More
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Bingo & Rolly Traveling Around the Globe! 🌎 | 30 Minute Compilation | Puppy Dog Pals | Disney Junior

Bingo and Rolly are going on a mission! They're off on adventures in Japan, Mexico, Tahiti, Australia, Antarctica, and the Coral Reef! Watch Puppy Dog Pals on Disney Junior and in the DisneyNOW app! And check out more videos with Bingo and Rolly here: Bingo and Rolly’s energetic and fun-loving neighbor pup, Keia, joins the team as they embark on even more outrageous missions to help their owners! Join the silly trio as they explore their neighborhood, travel to new places around the world, and make brand new animal friends. With Bingo, Rolly, and Keia, every day is an… Read More
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Support DeadbeatVillain ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SWYPE ♥ Twitter - ♥ Discord - ♥ Merch - ♥Twitch - *All music here is for Promotional Purposes Only. If you do not want your music posted, please contact me and I will remove your song* LYRICS BITCH (DEADBEAT) Have you ever come to think that no one fucking likes you Kill yourself and do the favor no one finna ice you I was really trapping serving baggies through drive thru Doing what your favorite rapper do 2 times 2 SYKE I'm fronting Cuz they ain't doing nothing They crazy lazy… Read More
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Brand new song "My puppies" all rights reserved. Read More
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Geralt, our adorable little bundle of fluff, has never seen a beach before. He has never braved the potent mix of sun, sea and scrumptious sand that is the essence of a Summer vacation. Let's see if the cute little bugger likes sand up his crack as much as the rest of us. Like, share, subscribe and click that little bell so you don't miss out on further adventures! Also, please support our little channel's growth through our Patreon: We are a small channel just starting out and every little bit helps keep us going and feeding ourselves, our… Read More
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Puppy Dog Eyes by Ida Laurberg KARAOKE VERSION

A lot of you guys have been asking for a karaoke version, so I made you one with audio from the original version. Enjoy!:) Lyrics: You know you look good but i know you’re bad i think you sound cool But we know the words may hurt me You talk that way It could make me faint Makes me insecure But i want some more, i’m sure But the problem is I just love your puppy dog eyes put your hands on my inner thighs You won’t love my puppy dog eyes No, you just wanna be between my thighs… Read More