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Rescue 8 Puppies and Mama from Under Container

Rescuers got a call about this poor dog family was living under the container. Mother dog had given there around a week but nobody helped her... The mother dog was a stray dog, she was very skinny and she didn't have food and too scared when rescuers came up. The puppies cried in starvation condition, they didn't have milk... But all the puppies are in good health and it's lucky that they been saved just in time. Rescuers took them to a shelter where they will start the new chapter of life. It was heartbreaking but it turned to heartwarming...… Read More
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Rescue Homeless Puppy Who So Hungry and Abandoned Will Make Warm Your Heart

Rescue Homeless Puppy Who So Hungry and Abandoned Will Make Warm Your Heart Subscribe Here: https://bit.ly/2McQIyJ Mishka as a poor puppy eating the moldy loaf from the garbage. After - yes, the miracle happened, and absolutely everyone can perform such miracles and rewrite the fate!Even the most unhappy puppy from the trash can become a beautiful and loved, you just need not to pass by... "There are more then 100 puppies under the care of the shelter. That means that each month we need 300 kg of dry food, more than 100 kg of cereals, even more meat, about 200… Read More
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Rescue Little Puppy Who Bitten by a Big Dog After Being Dumped in a Pagoda

This poor puppy was bitten by a big dog and dying alone. He was taken to a vet hospital by a kind woman. He's so close to death and his body was full of dog bite wounds... The vet said the poor soul had severe nerve damage and 80-90% would be paralyzed but they didn't give up to cure him. They gave him what they could do for him all the best to save his life... Finally, the puppy is able to walk and grows up in good health. We're so thankful to everyone for giving a new wonderful life… Read More
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Rescue Three Puppies were abandoned in Cardboard Box and Left to die Under the Rain

Rescuers got a call to rescue these three puppies dying under the rain. The puppies were dumped in cardboard boxes and left to die... They were covered in horrific wounds and thousands of fleas. Their wounds were rotten, had worms and they were so close to death. It's so heartbreaking but luckily, they get a second chance after being rescued. Vets had cleaned up the wounds, given them antibiotics, and nourish. After just two days, their pains were gone and they're able to play. They're totally back to life... They are now their loving shelter where they continue their recoveries… Read More
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Little Puppy with Severe Nerve Damage Caused He Walks and fall

He suffered a lot in his puppyhood, he had severe nerve damage caused he walks and falls. His head had a wound it's most likely he got hit by something or fell from high, He can't control his body... He's really weak and he keeps stumbling around. Vets put it on fluids, some steroids, and some antibiotics. And they had tried more steroids to decrease the inflammation... We pray for him to get fully recovered and happy in life. We're so thankful to everyone and the vets that helping this little sweetheart and give a better life. Dog Rescue Stories… Read More
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Rescue a Little Puppy Wandering alone in the Forest

This little puppy was found wandering alone in the forest. He was born as a stray and lost his mom. Luckily, a kind woman spotted him and asked villagers to help him... The puppy was so scared, he didn't trust his rescuers and tried to run into the deep forest. Rescuers spent over an hour to catch him..., they picked up him to a vet hospital for getting medication and he didn't have any health issue... He is fine now, he's such a pretty handsome boy. He loves to play, he's so friendly. He's finally found a sweet loving home… Read More
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Rescue Neglected Puppy who Had Badly Corneal Ulcer Infection

This poor puppy had badly corneal ulcer infection. He had suffered for a long time but his owner didn't care about him. He was taken to a vet hospital by Napassorn JowYing Hodges. He lived in discomfort and being so neglected. Vets prepared well for surgery to remove his right eyeball. The surgery was gone successfully and the little puppy is completely lost one eye... It's so sad but it's the only thing that they can help him to live better. They gave him all the needs and love. He gets recovered each day and he's such a playful boy.… Read More
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Rescue Homeless Puppy Was Waiting For Death On The Streets With His Leg Is Seriously Infection

#rescuedog #maggots Rescue Homeless Puppy Was Waiting For Death On The Streets With His Leg Is Seriously Infection Subscribe Here: https://bit.ly/2McQIyJ WARNING! Videos that contain graphic content can shock, offend and upset. Are you sure you want to see this? A suffering life was happened on the poor puppy who was closed to die after being hit by car long time and he lived with the injuries. He had spent his sorrowful life in the woods without treatment and his condition was very horrible."We are truly heartbroken that him has continually suffered like this. When a volunteer of a local… Read More
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Botfly Larvae Removal from Little Kittens| Saved Poor Cat From Dead

Botfly Larvae Removal from Little Kittens| Saved Poor Cat From Dead Thanks you for watching “My Animals” chanel See you The NEXT Subscribe now! Click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRohX5uve6XXxz1kZUBa04A Music: Non Copyrighted. Enjoy Video. Thank you! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★If any owner of clips, used in our compilation, has a copyright issue, feel free to contact us by personal message or (mychannelrescueme@gmail.com) and add title COPYRIGHT ISSUE. We will remove the clip, video or come to an agreement. Thank you so much. All images belong to its respectful owners No copyright infringement is intended Read More