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PUPPIES SNOWA DAPAT INI DIHARI LEBARAN DARI BIMA THE GOLDEN FAMILY #paltakush #snowethegoden #goldenfamily Read More
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Rescue 3 days old baby newborn kittens – Cutest newborn kittens were left by mom!

#animal Rescue 3 days old baby newborn kittens – Cutest newborn kittens were left by mom! Animal’s Health Care is created by a group of animal lovers in Vietnam! Please Subscribe to follow channel at: https://bit.ly/2WGyQo5 These are 5 poorest kittens I have rescue ever! Please give them some loves! Channel Content included: - Non – Profit Rescue and Protection Program for animals, dogs, cats and pets. - Ways to prevent and treat common diseases for your pets. - Animal’s Health Care will share information about the best and reputable pet care regimes in the world you need to know.… Read More
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Jaguar Leaps On Puppy But Separating Them Isn’T A Good Idea…

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Cute Puppies funny video | Most funny videos try enough laugh | Indian tradition

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Puppy Eats Toxic Mushroom In Coronavirus Isolation | FULL EPISODE | Bondi Vet

Dr Alex Hynes Investigates a puppy who has been admitted for excessive vomiting for what is believed to be toxic mushrooms. Due to Coronavirus isolations Dr Alex must consult with the owner only while on phone. 🐾 SUBSCRIBE TO BONDI VET FOR MORE ANIMAL VIDEOS 🐾 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRnSnAq44St3dzNdgPpfChA?sub_confirmation=1 -- Stay up to date with all things Bondi Vet at: https://bondivet.com/ Facebook - http://tinyurl.com/FacebookBondivet Instagram - http://tinyurl.com/InstagramBV Twitter - http://tinyurl.com/TwitterBV #Bondi #Vet #Episodes Read More
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Little Puppy with Severe Nerve Damage Caused He Walks and fall

He suffered a lot in his puppyhood, he had severe nerve damage caused he walks and falls. His head had a wound it's most likely he got hit by something or fell from high, He can't control his body... He's really weak and he keeps stumbling around. Vets put it on fluids, some steroids, and some antibiotics. And they had tried more steroids to decrease the inflammation... We pray for him to get fully recovered and happy in life. We're so thankful to everyone and the vets that helping this little sweetheart and give a better life. Dog Rescue Stories… Read More
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Rescue a Little Puppy Wandering alone in the Forest

This little puppy was found wandering alone in the forest. He was born as a stray and lost his mom. Luckily, a kind woman spotted him and asked villagers to help him... The puppy was so scared, he didn't trust his rescuers and tried to run into the deep forest. Rescuers spent over an hour to catch him..., they picked up him to a vet hospital for getting medication and he didn't have any health issue... He is fine now, he's such a pretty handsome boy. He loves to play, he's so friendly. He's finally found a sweet loving home… Read More
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Rescued Puppy Who Was Thrown boiling water in the face and miracle recovery

- Rescued Puppy Who Was Thrown boiling water in the face and miracle recovery.- 💕💕 Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/323sCfG My story a dog was thrown boiling water on the street: I lived on the streets, which was no longer easy, but one day it got worse ... much worse !! Someone I thought was going to help me just threw something very hot at me and took everything in my face, the aunts believe it was boiling water, I felt a lot of pain and I couldn't see right 😔 I thought it would be my end, because with the whole… Read More
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Rescue Neglected Puppy who Had Badly Corneal Ulcer Infection

This poor puppy had badly corneal ulcer infection. He had suffered for a long time but his owner didn't care about him. He was taken to a vet hospital by Napassorn JowYing Hodges. He lived in discomfort and being so neglected. Vets prepared well for surgery to remove his right eyeball. The surgery was gone successfully and the little puppy is completely lost one eye... It's so sad but it's the only thing that they can help him to live better. They gave him all the needs and love. He gets recovered each day and he's such a playful boy.… Read More