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Scared Husky Puppy: Dog’s First Visit to the Vet ?

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? ? ❤️ For the last days, our husky puppy has been feeling a bit under the weather so we decided not to take any chances and go see the vet. Loki had a gastro enteritis that he probably caught while he was at the dog park. Its nothing serious but he needed some medicine, some special food that would stay in his system and a lot of water and rest. Loki should be back to his usual self in a few days ?

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We post videos of our adorable Siberian Husky LAIKA and her fascinating arrival cousin puppy LOKI, who came to our house in November 2018.
Like most things and moments in life you enjoy, you want to share them with others so they can enjoy them as well.
To me, Laika is very special. She has a contagious personality, loves to meet new friends and live life at its fullest!
I would like to show you why Laika is so special and share her adventures with you ❤️

NAMES: Laika? and Loki ?
SEX: Female and Male
BIRTHDAYS: August 15, 2014 ? and August 25, 2018 ?

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