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Rescued Puppy Who Was Thrown boiling water in the face and miracle recovery

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Rescued Puppy Who Was Thrown boiling water in the face and miracle recovery.- ?? Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/323sCfG

My story a dog was thrown boiling water on the street:
I lived on the streets, which was no longer easy, but one day it got worse … much worse !! Someone I thought was going to help me just threw something very hot at me and took everything in my face, the aunts believe it was boiling water, I felt a lot of pain and I couldn’t see right ?
I thought it would be my end, because with the whole face I was already invisible imagine with him all hurt !! But then I was wrong, someone spoke to @casadosanjos’ aunt and she thoughtlessly, so she went there and helped me !!! They told me that this was in March / 2019 (because I don’t understand any of this, right desde) since then I met the affection !! More is not over … In addition to my face all bruised I was with tick disease ?, I had an initial surgery and as I am very well taken care of by my aunts I grew up fast and strong and had to do another surgery because I have little skin on my face and ended up bursting !!! I suffered a lot of prejudice tb the aunt explained to me what it is, and I was very sad to know that there are people who report my pictures, they call me ugly just because I’m not like the others … And who is equal to everyone ?! The cool thing about everything is that we are all different !!! And I am beautiful the way I am as well as my friends are also beautiful the way they are !! I’m normal, I play, I make a mess, I run … I love affection and smile !!

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