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Rescue Stray Mother Dog and Her Baby Puppies with a Heartbroken, it will make you Cry

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This poor mother dog found wandering on the road looking for food to feed her baby puppies. She had a back leg broken, she ran on the round and scared…

She didn’t trust her rescuer who came to help her and she kept running then trapped in the water drainage. Rescuers and passersby spent over 30 minutes to take her from the water drainage…

Her baby puppies were crying in the grass at the side of the road. The puppies were so scared, starving but rescuers had taken them to her mom together…

It broke our hearts and the tears suddenly came out on our faces. And it’s more than sad because one puppy had also lost front paw but we didn’t know what’s happened to him…

After one hour, the mother and baby puppies were arrived at the vet hospital for getting medication. Vets treated them with the best medical treatment but they didn’t know why they lost legs…

The puppies and their mom are now safe. They have many kindest people taking care of them and give all the needs and love. They will get fully recovered and be found a forever home.

Thank everyone for the help and for giving this poor family a new lease at life full of hope and joy. May God bless you all!

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