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Rescue Poor Puppy Was Almost Exhausted On The Snowy Roadside

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Rescue Poor Puppy Was Almost Exhausted On The Snowy Roadside

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On the snowy roadside, There is puppy lost Mum.
She was almost exhausted from hunger and freezing.
She was dozing off in 2 degree weather.
She is lonely and trembling …

When we arrived, gave her a bread, she picked it up and went to the forest.
Puppy don’t trust us …
Puppy will not survive tonight. And we cried …
I named her Lara!

Lara’s body temperature is going down very low.
Lara did not eat, did not drink. She was weak, fell asleep and suspected.
She is facing a lot of difficulties.

She was being conveyed to seawater and heated.
After 2 hours of taking care, she ate some sup water but vomited, had diarrhea.
Lara is very gentle and fun. Even in a panic, she still loves toys.
Lara’s soul is slowly being warmed up.

2 days after….

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