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Rescue of an Exhausted and Sick Puppy Lying at the Side the Street until Passerby Come to Help

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When the passersby riding the motorbike, they spotted this poor little puppy lying at the side of the street in horrible condition. They rushed to pick up her and took her to the home by their motorbike…

When arrived home they gave her some food then they noted that the puppy was very sick and they immediately sent her to a vet clinic. The vets said this poor puppy was suffered from anemia, she had blood parasites and also hepatitis…

They treated her with blood parasite medicine, liver tonic, and IV fluid. The puppy is around two-months-old, she was born as a stray and she’s suffered enough in her puppyhood. If nobody spotted and helped her, she won’t survive another day…

She’s now fully recovered, she’s so playful and so friendly. She has a new loving home where she starts a new chapter of life full of joy and happiness.

We’re so thankful to the kind people that helping this little sweetheart and give her a new wonderful life. May God bless you all!

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Courtesy: Arunee Prabpai #animalstep #dogrescue

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