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Rescue Neglected Puppy who Had Badly Corneal Ulcer Infection

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This poor puppy had badly corneal ulcer infection. He had suffered for a long time but his owner didn’t care about him. He was taken to a vet hospital by Napassorn JowYing Hodges.

He lived in discomfort and being so neglected. Vets prepared well for surgery to remove his right eyeball. The surgery was gone successfully and the little puppy is completely lost one eye…

It’s so sad but it’s the only thing that they can help him to live better. They gave him all the needs and love. He gets recovered each day and he’s such a playful boy.

The wound was gone from his eye and Napassorn JowYing Hodges took him to a new home. He’s such a handsome little boy and he learns to live with only one eye.

He will have good health, a good life with the new owner who will take care of him for the rest of life. We’re so thankful to everyone for the help and donated to support his medical bills.

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