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Puppy Training: The Truth About Loose Leash Walking!

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Let’s take a minute and talk about the reality of training a puppy to have polite leash manners. There’s lots of good information available online, and at the bookstore, concerning various approaches to teaching loose leash walking. My goal today is to simply let you guys know that proper puppy training is never perfect and there’s no reason to be upset or worried because your dog training is not matching up to the demonstrations provided in the instructional materials.

The bottom line is that puppies are going to pull on the leash sometimes. But if you keep plugging away and stay focused on making incremental progress, I promise you will end up with a well mannered dog both on and off the leash!

Always keep in mind that successful dog training comes from being patient, consistent, and, perhaps most importantly, persistent!

I hope you guys enjoy!

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