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Oyster and Pescadero – Young Male Kittens

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Oyster and Pescadero are siblings that enjoy playing with toys and love to snuggle. They are very people-oriented and will gladly follow you around the house. Come and meet them at Valley Humane Society in Pleasanton, CA.


Are you ready for a new pet? It’s a big commitment! At Valley Humane Society, our goal is to find a permanent home for each dog and cat in our care. VHS adoption counselors are available on-site to assist you in choosing the right cat or dog for your family, but there are many questions to consider before adopting.

Cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies may be visited any time VHS is open, though adoptions end 30 minutes prior to closing. Please allow approximately one hour to complete the adoption process.


* Come fall in love!
* Spend some time with the animal you are considering adopting so you have a sense of their personality. Keep in mind that many animals behave different in our facility than they will in your home. Ask questions of our staff and volunteers!
* NEW!! If you are considering adopting an adult cat, please fill out a Cat Adopter’s Survey at our front desk. This is part of a new matchmaking program that will help us introduce you to the cats that most closely match your ideal feline companion.
* Once you have decided which pet you like best, complete an Adoption Application.
* Meet with an Adoption Counselor to discuss your family’s expectations, abilities, needs, and previous experience. This is your chance to ask questions, explore your decision, and make sure you have chosen the right pet for your household.
* Our Adoption Counselors will consider all factors from the perspective of the individual animal’s needs.
* Upon approval, you will be asked to complete additional paperwork. The Adoption Counselor will walk you through our Adoption Agreement. All documents and pertinent medical information will be copied for your files. We will also assemble a take-home packet which includes information on feeding your new pet, check that the animals’ microchip is accurate, and prepare them for travel. Finally, you will be asked to provide the adoption fee. Please allow approximately one hour to complete the adoption process.
* After a quick snap for our Facebook page (optional, of course!), you’re ready to head home to start enjoying life with your new friend!

For additional information and adoption fees, please visit

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