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One-eyed black house panther- is a remarkably resilient 2 year old boy. Trapped on January 29th, 2018 with a ruptured and infected eyeball, that urgently needed to be removed. Now completely recovered he’s a playful, loveable house panther!
He has adopted his little friend PANDA, they snuggle, play, chase and clean each other all day long.
Knightly is a former COLONY CAT and requires cat company, he cannot be adopted without Panda.

PANDA -black and white cow kitten, girl- Rescued April 22 at 8 weeks old. She was handed in to a local vet clinic after being found on a suburban street. She was deemed ‘unadoptable’ for hissing instead of purring once rescued… the vet was set to euthanise her the next day. Luckily a staff member saw her potential and gave her a second chance. Within 60 seconds of arriving at Kitten O’Clock she began to purr. This gorgeous girl is a fighter, she’s charismatic, loving and playful.

Siblings rescued April 15, 2018 from a condemned building site just before the bulldozers moved in. They have incredible personalities!
RAVEN -tortie girl- is a tiny spitfire with ‘tortitude’ and is very brave and cheeky. Although she puts on a brave face, she is very dependent on her brother Sunny. She calls for him if she can’t find him. They need to be adopted together into a loving home willing to continue their socialisation.

SUNNY – golden brown tabby- is more socially confident than Raven, and SO sweet! He LOVES cuddles, food, playing, climbing and looking out the window. He also lets Raven clean his ears 🙂 He is a big boy, and will be one of those enormous gentle giants. He really is the sweetest little guy and will melt the heart of any adopter.

PHOENIX is the black panther with the pink collar. He proved irresistible with his food allergies and dominant tom-catishness and Kitten O’Clock had to adopt him. Being a former feral / colony cat he is INVALUABLE in helping socialise the other fosters that come into care. He is great with kittens, cats, and humans, and is the POSTER BOY for happy and worthwhile former ferals can be.


Angus is a semi-feral community cat desexed and released back to his caring community in September 2017. He was chipped with KO’s details and contacted recently to be informed he would be euthanised as he is ‘stray’ and not deemed friendly enough for rehoming by the council.

Unable to contemplate euthanising a healthy, young and misunderstood cat, KO will be socialising him and proving that all life has value and deserves to be shown love and compassion. He will be re-homed into a loving home or farm as a barn cat if he still prefers a life outdoors. Either way, he is alive and well because we care.


KITTEN O’CLOCK is a foster home in north west Sydney, Australia for rescued sick, injured and homeless cats and kittens. We’re dedicated to reducing the number of stray and feral cats, reducing their suffering and educating the public about how incredible these overlooked ‘pests’ can be. Witness first hand how a ‘feral’ cat can be tamed with compassion, food and care.

INSTAGRAM: @kittenoclock


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