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Neville & Lucas Gray Tabby Kittens Playing

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Neville and Lucas are 3 month old brother kittens that just arrived at the adoption center on July 20. Neville was adopted within a day (before I finished this video) and Lucas is stilling waiting for a home.

They resemble Russian Blue kittens, but have tabby markings. They were rescued. They are now neutered, and vaccinated. I am fortunate enough to live in the Bay Area in northern California where there are plenty of low cost spay and neuter veterinarians.

Like everywhere in the world there are too many homeless cats and kittens. Spaying and neutering kittens before 4 months of age will help lower the number of homeless kittens born that end up starving and sick on the streets. I know some are fortunate to be cared for and find homes, but there are not enough homes for all the kittens born.

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