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Monkey Angel Judy Play Time Funny Outside With Puppy Abbey

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Hello guys!

Monkey Angel Judy Play Time Funny Outside With Puppy Abbey

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Thanks for visiting our channel and we love to see your comment/input regarding how we take care and protect our poor baby monkey that was just rescued from a group of wolves in the deep mangrove​​ ​jungle in Koh Kong province.

Luckily, I was able to meet a farmer by chance while visiting there and god bless that the monkey was survived even though he had some panic with him. My heart was broken to see how painful and scaring she was in a ​fluttering condition and then I asked the farmer if he could allow me to adopt her. In short, he said “Yes”.

Anyhow, the baby was just with me a few days and I think she is a bit better now though she’s still struggling to her new environment. I promise I’ll try to tame her to the new atmosphere to get accustomed to human beings and many many other thing that I could introduce her.

Regarding how we call her, I love the name KoKo as it’s what written on TukTuk remorque which transported both of us from the deep jungle out to the town and so, I just give her this name to memorize what we had been through. I also prefer your input to any potential name if you wish :p

#babymonkeykoko #monkeykoko #babykoko

Last but not least, we also love to see your comment, like and a share. Subscribing worth us even more a million of love. Love you all guys!

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Enjoy our journey with the daily monkey routine altogether from now onward..

Best regard,

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