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Mocha and the coffee bean kittens!

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Mocha was thrown out by her owners when they broke up and left her behind when they moved.
She´s less then 2 years old an this is probably her first litter. We saw 2 kittens on the x-ray.

Mocha gave birth to two adorable coffee beans at June 11th.
Little tabby girl Libbylou was born at 5.59pm German time with a birth weight of 107g.
Little ginger Pumpkin was born at 6.36pm German time with a birth weight of 110g.

On June 13th, a rescuer seeked out for help for 4 kittens, born by a feral momma on June 7th. Momma was trapped too, but sadly she had no milk. They tried to bottlefeed the kittens, but they refused the bottle.
They couldn´t find an other momma cat who could foster them – till they called me and found Mocha.
The 4 kittens was in critical state, pretty underweight and they´ll needed some prayers.
They got suplemental feeding to fatten them up and to support Mocha.
Sadly, they brought an eye infection with them, which spread over one kitten after another, but was easy to treat on all – beside of Kahlua.
Kahlua is blind on his left eye and we continue treatment.

The 4 adopted kittens are:

Eiskaffee – girl, tabby with white paws
El Barista – tuxedo, boy
Kahlua – tabby with white dot on nose, boy
Kona – tabby with white patterns in face, boy
Weight chart:

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