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Little Injured Puppy Never Gives Up on Life Even Though He Lost a Back Leg – Heartbreaking

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Rescuers received a call about little puppy cried in pain with horrific injured waiting for someone to help. He had been rescued in time and received urgent treatment but unfortunately, he’s already lost a left paw…

He was bitten by other big dogs that caused his life more than suffered as being a stray. The veterinary staff had worked hard to bring his life up and given him the best medical treatment.

The wounds were gone but he remained only three legs to continue his life. He’s such a brave puppy who never gives up on life even though he lost a back leg…

He gets back to life and we keep pray for him all the best wish. We’re also grateful to all kindest people that involved giving a chance to live in beautiful life.

Courtesy: เจสิกา สิทธิเขตต์

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