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Lab Mix Puppies age 4 Months Rescue Dog Pup To Adopt

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We are a rescue in Clay County TN. Monthly we go to Lancaster, PA for adoption event. To That Fish place That Pet place. They are great host to our rescue and a great store.
We have No shelter or Animal control in my county in TN. We are swamped with abandon Puppies right now.
Please Check out my Facebook page. I have excellent references.
Clay County, Celina Tennessee Dog Rescue.

Adoption fee is $275 for TN on all Puppies This includes Spay or Neuter and all shots. 95% Of our dogs are fixed. We usually fix them at 3 months. OUT OF STATE adoptions and Pennsylvania adoptions are $350.00. The extra cost is travel, van transports and extra vetting to go out of state.

We do a application just like the shelters. We are super nice people and so are my sweet dogs and Puppy’s.

All Puppy’s have up to date Shots DHPP (vaccines for distemper, adenovirus [hepatitis], para-influenza, and parvovirus) Also Bordetella and Deworming. Rabies if old enough. We start puppies at 4 weeks, with a 2-1 Shot Nobivac Puppy-DPv (Progard Puppy-DPv) prevents Canine Distemper and Parvovirus. There next rounds of shots are The 5-1.

All out of state transports will have Vet signed Health certificates. By Livingston Veterinary Clinic. If not spay or neutered we schedule a appointment when age or weight approved by our vet. You will have to sign a spay and neuter agreement. A $50.00 fee deposit.
$100 Reimbursement if you want to use your own vet. You will have to call us few days before your appointment so we can send funds directly to your vet.

We can help arrange Transportation out of state. Also Delta airlines in Pet friendly with helping us with rescue re-homing dogs.

All are vet checked at least 2 times. We are a little different from a shelter our dogs live in our 6800 sq ft House with a Lot of love and attention. To follow us on Facebook we are under Clay County, Celina Tennessee Dog Rescue.

I have zero cell signal at home but you can try to text 931-397-7423 For faster answers Please call the Home phone 1st. 931-243-3743

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