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Kittens fighting over their mom’s milk-Mom to the rescue!

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The babies fighting over their mom’s milk.So funny and cute while they drinking milk and fight for it.

Hi we are from Philippines!
Lingling and Mingming are both stray cat before,they roaming around in the streets and we adopted them.Langlang is their only son.Liam and Shadow are new adopted both are stray cat too.We also rescued a pregnant cat and she have 3 babies.We are so proud to be the parents of 9 cats.They are all came from outside a “stray cats”.Breed or not Breed they are all equally beautiful and deserving of human love and give them a loving home too.We just want to share with you how we take good care of Puspin/ Philippines cat!All of them are Spayed and Neutered except the newly family’s of Maui.
LINGLING Male=Neutered Born-5-20-19
LANGLANG Male=Neutered Born-11-26-19
MINGMING Female= Spayed Born-5-20-19
Liam=Male- Neutered Born 9-02-19
Shadow=Male Neutered
The 3 kittens born-April 2,2020

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