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Kitten Foster Kitten cam LA! We Foster Cats & Kittens! #shamelesskittens – 9 foster kittens!

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Welcome to Cuteavalanche’s KittenCam – All our kittens will be available for adoption in Los Angeles around June

We are currently fostering 9 kittens that came from a shelter.

Donations can be made at

These Kittens were born March 30th and that’s about all we know.

What we don’t know:

Who the mom/dad it.
Where they came from before being turned over to the shelter.
If they’re even from the same mom!

We work with Kitten Rescue to save and foster kittens from Shelters. Your donations help us feed and care for these kittens!

Donations & Wish list: or

Please Follow on your favorite platforms! Our current Goal for this litter is $425 – any amount helps! Join us every day and when we’re not live head over to discord and show us your pets! Want Merch? All proceeds go to the foster kittens (food, toys, litter, etc) Chat Commands (to be updated soon) !names – find out the names of our kitten residents !discord !donate !merch

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