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Husky Puppy Meets New Retriever Puppy For The First Time! [HE GETS SOO BRAVE!!]

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Soooo hello everyone!! This is NOT our puppy lol!! But How cute is this hahaha!! Lola our husky puppy it’s nearly a year old now and due to circumstances she’s not really been able to socialise much with other dogs because we haven’t been able to see other people for so long now. Our friends puppy come round and I cannot believe how gentle and playful and amazing she was with him! We posted a video yesterday with Millie and the puppy loved her but didn’t play for nearly as long as with Lola. Lola loved him so much and he got so so brave playing back with her. Did you see the end with the slow mo jump of the sofa hahahah it’s hilarious!! Hope this makes you all smile. Thanks for watching. Love you all!!

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