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Guardian Kittens – Evening Play 2018-06-05

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The kittens are rambunctious tonight. And poor mama… her every refuge has been invaded, she can’t even pee by herself, and the babysitter isn’t answering her calls so she can go relax with a mewtini or niparita. Isn’t it spa day yet?

Mama Gamora, and her five little Infinity Kittens who were born in the evening on April 14th. John was going to do a gemstone theme for his 60th litter, but mama came named Gamora, so the babies are named for stones resembling the Infinity Stones in Guardians of the Galaxy. The darkest one is Jasper (boy), the “wee one” is Amber (girl, one sharp white stripe on her nose), and the three middle grey ones are Topaz (boy, white muzzle), Kyanite (girl, white “crown” on nose – pointed white middle bit), and Alexandrite (boy, brown grey face with straight white stripes on nose). Identification Pictures: Mama Gamora is estimated to be about a year old.

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