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Great Bernese Puppies are awake and toddling around at 16 days old

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Lacey is a Great Pyrenees. She was bred to Castle, a Bernese Mountain Dog. This breeding produces a puppy commonly known as a “Great Bernese” which are not registerable with the AKC.

A Great Bernese puppy should be less prone to wander than a Great Pyrenees and should have a longer life span than a Bernese Mountain Dog. Both breeds are referred to as “Gentle Giants” and these puppies will make both excellent livestock guardian dogs and excellent family dogs.

This video originated from a Goat Milk Stuff Facebook live video.

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At Goat Milk Stuff, we raise both Nigerian Dwarf and Alpine dairy goats. The goat milk goes to feeding the babies and any extra is turned into incredible goat milk soap, cheese, gelato, caramel, fudge, and lots of goat milk stuff.

The dogs at Goat Milk Stuff guard our goats and our children and provide tons of love and fun.

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