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Girrs To Purrs The Sauce, Pixar, and M kittens.

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Welcome to Girrs To Purrs. Saving the world one cat at a time.

Meet the Sauce kittens. Born on 4/22/2018, their mamma was hit by a car in East Chicago, Indiana. They around 3 weeks old when they were hunted down at night and brought to Foster Dad’s home. Their names are Béchamel – Tabby Calico Male, Velouté – Grey Tabby and White Female, Espagnole – Gray Tabby Female, and Hollandaise – Grey Tabby and White with stripes on front legs and a grey color slash under her left eye, Female. They are very playful and super lovers. Hollandaise is a big girl who has plenty of attitude. Béchamel is the full-time lap kitten who just wants to snuggle 24/7. Velouté is a little more laid back than her sisters but can really go to town on the turbo track and loves a good lap to lay in. Espagnole is lightly on the crazy side and loves her pets but also loves her food and her toys.

Now accepting applications on the Sauce kittens:


Shipping Address for donations:
Foster Dad David
121 N Wood St.
Griffith, IN 46319-2766

If you would like to make a monetary donation to support the rescue and all its foster animals, you can use this PayPal link. All donations are tax deductible.

Girrs To Purrs Photo Album:

Questions, Comments or Concerns: Please email me before publicly bashing if you don’t know the answers. Please remember, you can only get so much information from a video feed in one spot. You are not going to see 90% of what goes on in this room.

Rules of conduct for chat:
This is a public cam and a public chat. We ask that you not share any personal information such as email address or phone numbers. This is for your protection! As YouTube does not list who is watching, we don’t know who is out there. Please protect yourself
This is a PG channel. Please remember that children and potentially classrooms may be watching.
Profanity, descriptions of violence, pornographic content, racial jokes or slurs will not be tolerated. This includes acronyms that stand for any profanity and your chat name.
No Bullying
No flooding
Please do not use all caps. This is the text equivalent of yelling.
Please do not use an excessive amount of emotes, Limit of 4 per message.
Politics, religion, declawing and other subjects that are likely to start a fight are prohibited.
Promotion of other channels are not allowed unless previously authorized. To get authorization, email the email or PM me on Facebook.
Debates are welcomed as long as they are civil and not prohibited as listed above. If it gets out of hand, a moderator will put a stop to it. Please listen to the moderators at all times.
It’s simple folks, respect each other and the kitties and there will be no problems.

I have set up a Facebook group, “Girrs To Purrs After Chat”, for our cam chatters to tell stories, show off their pets and trade information off public chat. This is a Closed group so your request to join must be approved by an Administrator.

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