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Exposing a guy who buys a puppy for fame every year

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I never thought I’d make a video like this. But after seeing what I’ve seen, I must say something. This guy is definitely using puppies for views, clicks and likes. Not only is this the third dog he has gotten as a puppy (previous two mysteriously disappeared once they were no longer puppies) he turned her into a profitable panda. Her crate is not the right size, she is being used as a toy for TikTok videos and it’s clear she isn’t being take care of properly as a puppy. This is a person who is a humble-brager, filming himself giving money to poor people on the streets while driving around in expensive cars and flexing his fortune. There is also a weird “this time stamp doesn’t add up” about his “new puppy” he got in 2019 that I’m pretty sure are just old clips of his previous puppy when she was young and pretending she is new so he gets that engagement on TikTok rolling. This needs to stop. Don’t use pets for profit and as accessories. Thanks. Please share this video around.

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