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Club Smoosh Fur Realz

Club Smoosh is the kitten therapy cam of singer/songwriter/creative type Sarah Donner and her band Kittens Slay Dragons with everyone’s favorite catlady ShClane! We were on a hiatus because we accidentally may have broken a rule and John Oliver ratted us out. We promise to behave from now on.

We are PG-13 cam because we live here, and therefore we swear here sometimes. Occasionally the cam is muted because we live here, and nobody wants to hear EVERYTHING.

Peptide (F panther)
Atom (M panther w/pink collar)
Amino (F ginger)

Dunkin (M) – black/white kitler, Enjoys flopping onto the bed, floor, or couch and chicken treats.
Puma Bean Jackson (M) – panther, A handsome ninja beast who is Dunkin’s boyfriend
Ni (F) – grey/white floofy, Enjoys scritches and laps, hates all kittens, arch nemesis of Smoosh
Moby Shit (F) – black w/fangs, Like turning on faucets, howls like a siren for breakfast, on the spectrum
Melon Smooosh (F) – brown tabby, Enjoys her $5k eyelids that were surgically built for her. She enjoys chasing squirrels and dry kibble, arch enemy of Ni
Puff Pastry (F) – tux, The most affectionate kitten we have ever seen which sucks at 3am, Enjoys being chased by Melon
James T. Kibble (M) – black/grey floofball, A young man who is a good uncle to all the kittens, Enjoys the squirmal toys, treats, and biting his sister Puff’s face


The SADS ARE OK Policy
We specialize in neonatal kittens and with that comes the sad reality that there is a high mortality rate among motherless newborns. That makes us sad. That makes you sad. I have spent a lifetime trying to learn to express my feelings especially when they are difficult ones. I am not going to tell anyone they cannot chat about how they are feeling. Some critter cams have a “no sads” policy, and I respect that. I just know that I want to be my authentic self if I’m on the camera, and sometimes that might mean I’m sad. I’m just hoping folks can be respectfully talk about sads if they need to, but in a way that we can offer solutions and encouragement. Nothing macabre though! We should lift each other up. It’s ok to talk about how you feel here, HOWEVER, please be mindful that if you are sad, others may not have the capacity to take on your problems and pain. Let the KITTENS BE YOUR THERAPY. Let KITTENS SLAY YOUR DRAGONS.

TWITTER: @sarahdonner @abbeycatbrewing @meowslaydragons
INSTAGRAM: @sarahdonnerparty @abbeycatbrewing @kittensslaydragons
FACEBOOK: @sarahdonner @abbeycatbrewing @kittensslaydragons

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