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Cat Quiz (2019) Kittens & Cats Facts – Questions & Answers Video (Animated)

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Cats Quiz – Kittens & Cat Facts.

Cute Cat Quiz Questions:
1 What electrical device was operated by a cat’s whisker?
2. What anatomical feature is missing from a Manx cat?
3 Which breed of cat originated in Canada?
4 A female cat used for breeding is known by what royal title?
5 What is the name of the Egyptian cat goddess?
6 True or False, cats have a sweet tooth?
7 Are male cats more dominant with their left or right paw?
8 True or False, adult cats should drink milk?
9 With which animal do cats share 95.6 % of their genome?
10 True or False, cats spends almost 70% of their lives asleep?

Cat Quiz Answers:
1 An Old Radio
2 Tail
3 Sphynx
4 Queen
5 Bastet
6 False. Cats cannot taste sweetness
7 Left Paw
8 False. Most cats are lactose intolerant.
9 Tigers
10 True. Cute Cats Sleep a lot

Feel free to use this Animated Quiz Video in your Pub Quiz or in your Lessons for education and learning purposes or just for fun. Enjoy

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