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I was pleasantly surprised to see a small flock of Canada Geese on the field at the elementary school again today. Once again, since school is back in session, I can not join them on the field. Fingers crossed that they will show up there tomorrow, when I will be able to be on the field.

Fluffy came down from the fence to greet us this morning, and once again Cinnia was a no show. Jay gave Fluffy treats and then put food down for her. As we continued on, Freddie, shortly followed by Growler, greeted us prior to reaching Growler’s area. They got treats from Jay before we continued on. Once at Growler’s area, I had camera ready to record kittens if seen. They were several feet away from where the water dish and food plates are. I went ahead and did a video of them. The orange tabby one was lying in front of the black kitten, and they were lying next to a brick fence post. Jay put the food down for Growler and Freddie and as quickly as they made it disappeared, we realized we need to increase the quantity of food. Jay has decided he will increase the amount of dry food he mixes with the wet food.

When we reached the park, the gate was closed and locked. It was 8:03 AM and while the gate should have already been opened, we waited for the city maintenance workers to show up. They did about 10 minutes later. I was very pleased, as I needed to refill my water bottle for the return trip and we wanted to feed Kitty Cat. Since the maintenance workers were going to clean the bathrooms, we took Kitty Cat to the back of the park to feed him. He has become very flexible and once he sees the direction we are heading to, he scurries along near us. Once food was put down, I was looking for the RedTailed Hawk that Jay had seen on the gazebo. It wasn’t there. Jay with his awesome eyesight, spotted on the ground, near the gazebo. I managed to get the camera set up and focused just in time to catch the hawk fly from the ground, back to the gazebo.

Before we left the back of the park, Kitty Cat, who had finished his breakfast, plead his case to Jay that he needed treats. Jay obliged by putting the treats on the short retaining wall, and Kitty Cat immediately responded by eating them.

On the return trip, as we approached Growler’s area, she was by the sidewalk and when I stepped off the sidewalk, she put her body in front of me and did a soft hiss. Turns out both her kittens were back by the fence. The orange tabby one dashed off towards where the water dish is. The black one was by the bushes on the left and it too dashed off. Jay gave Growler some treats, and I went toward the fence to look for the kittens on the right side. I saw both. The orange tabby one was enjoying playing with the water dish. The two kittens eventually moved further down the fence, and I had no intention of trying to get closer to them. They are going on 6 weeks old this weekend.

White in Growler’s area, Jay spotted a RedTailed Hawk on the redwood tree in the Lyn and Temple Ave area. He did a short video of it. He followed that up with an video of a Turkey Vulture, soaring over the hillside, near The Last Word Ranch. When we reached Kennedy Drive, there was a Turkey Vulture and a RedTailed Hawk soaring together near the hillside. They were joined by a second Turkey Vulture.

Just after turning onto Kennedy Drive, on one of the side residential streets, Jay spotted two RedTailed Hawks flying in the sky and talking to each other. When we reached the elementary school, the Canada Geese were still there. There was a dozen of them. I truly hope they will be there tomorrow.

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