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Brigitte and The Overwatch Kittens

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Overwatch mom and kittens:
Brigitte (mom – DSH calico),
Maria (female – DLH calico),
Ashe (female – B&W),
Jesse McCree (male – B&W),
Reinhardt (male – buff),
Torbjorn (male – orange & white)

Brigitte visited the feeding station of an experiened cat rescuer in May then again 3 weeks before moving to a new home. Brigitte was joined by a furry DSH black cat. Brigitte’s finder, EsperTheGrouch on IG, sought out someone to help recover the two kitties from their surgeries while she was moving to the new house. Christine agreed and made plans to house them for a few weeks.

When the traps were set, only Brigitte went in. She was taken the next morning to the spay/neuter clinic and it was discovered she was lactating. What to do now? Esper searched that evening when she got home in the green belt behind her home. EsperTheGrouch arranged with her mentor and a few cat rescuers to do a food search for the kittens, estimated to be 4-8 weeks old based on the status of the uterus inside Brigitte. Esper searched that evening when she got home in the green belt behind her home. After an hour of searching, a kind neighbor, Maria, recognized a picture of Brigitte and confirmed she had been feeding her. While there in the yard, kitten meows were played on a phone and Brigitte’s babies started responding with louder and louder mews. The kittens were found above a dried waterway beneath some roofing materials and tile that were propped against a fence. 4 were seen fairly immediately and the last was found when Esper’s HH was double checking beneath all movable objects.

5 kittens were discovered and, continuing with the theme for all kitties trapped outside Esper’s home, were named after Maria (feeder of mama) and characters from Overwatch. They are estimated 4 weeks old and currently are in a box in Christine’s spare bathroom. The green flashing box is the motion detector on the security cam that is currently being used.

The family will stay with Christine for a few weeks. Kittens will receive veterinary care, vaccines, and a spay/neuter somtime between 8 and 12 weeks, sometime in October.

Their weights can be monitored here:

Please follow EsperTheGrouch on IG:…


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Christine’s Kitten Room is a room where foster kittens grow before returning to the shelter, healthy and fixed, to await for adoption. Please enjoy the permanent residents, Mya and Snowpee, watch the local birds visit the feeders when no foster kittens are available.


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