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Blueberry & Kittens – 24/7 KittenCam LA livestream #berrykittens

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Welcome to Cuteavalanche’s KittenCam – All our kittens are available for adoption in Los Angeles.

We are currently fostering Blueberry; she’s Black/Brown Tabby, super affectionate and totally pregnant!

Blue’s story: We don’t know if Blueberry was abandoned or how she came to find herself on the streets of Los Angeles; but a wonderful family started feeding her outside. Eventually they started letting her inside their home. They cared for her for 4 months or so in total, but when she showed signs of being pregnant they decided to take her to Kitten Rescue. KR placed Blueberry in our care, to see her through and help find homes for her kittens.

After her kittens are old enough, and Blue has been spayed, she’ll return to life with that family so her happy ending is already set in stone!

What we don’t know:

How old Blue is
How long she’s been preggo
How many kittens to expect
What Blueberry’s favorite GOT character is

We work with Kitten Rescue to save and foster kittens from Shelters. Your donations help us feed and care for these kittens! Donations & Wish list: or Special thanks to our sponsor for making this live stream possible. Please Follow on your favorite platforms! Our current Goal for this litter is $425 – any amount helps! Join us every day and when we’re not live head over to discord and show us your pets! Want Merch? All proceeds go to the foster kittens (food, toys, litter, etc) Chat Commands (to be updated soon) !names – find out the names of our kitten residents !discord !donate !merch

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