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Attempting Bath Time With My Husky Puppy While In Season! [CUTEST STUBBORN PUPPY!]

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Soooo hello everyone! Right now is quite a difficult time for our family as Lola is in her first season Rupert is getting worse by the day! He is walking around the house screaming crying for Lola and the only thing I can do is try to minimise his and Lolas and Millie stress as much as possible. We taking them for plenty of extra long seperate walks to keep them a little calmer and we have read if you bathe your female it helps reduce the smell for the Male dog so we give that a try today, I forgot how hard this way as we have not had to do this for many years. Millie was done around 6 years ago so I kind of forgot how hard it actually was to keep them seperate. I’m sleeping on the sofa with Rupert to try keep him calm but he won’t settle at all crying all the time bless him! Hopefully won’t last much longer and hopefully these little things helps. Don’t worry they are all getting plenty of love and attention. Lots more than normal if that’s even possible haha! Hope you all understand and this makes you all smile. Thanks for watching. Love you all!

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