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Puppy Training Journey #7. Introducing domestic appliances.

This video on the Puppy Training Journey looks at the interesting subject of introducing certain household appliances to a puppy. Because vacuums and mops move back and forth with varying degrees of associated noise, they can be classic areas for a young dog to attempt to chase, grab and hold on to. As you can see in this video, Ruby is generally keen to chase and grab these items and so we used a lead for a little additional control whilst carrying out the activity. She responds well to a firm, but not loud 'Leave it' command should she become… Read More
Kitten Videos 

Kats Kittens episode #110 (He On Me)

Kats Kittens reviewing music video "He On Me" https://youtu.be/v6FXQC_TrNM by artist @NajeeJana To book Kats Kittens for live song reviews, music video shoots, photo shoots, selfie videos, listening parties, club events or playlist packages... Email: teamkatmanagement@gmail.com Call: 404-236-5257 DM us @teamkatatl https://www.instagram.com/teamkatatl/ @teamkatprettygirlsplaylist https://www.instagram.com/teamkatprettygirlsplaylist/ @ilovekatskittens https://www.instagram.com/ilovekatskittens/ Read More