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Cuccioli cerca amici episodio 45 / Puppy in My Pocket ep. 45 IT

Pocketville is the capital of a fantastic kingdom where there live hundreds of cute little animals of various breeds... In this enchanted place live every kind of youngling, some of which are well known, while others have only been heard of in legend and fairytale... And each youngling has his or her natural habitat: from the sea to the mountains, from the shallow woods to the thick forest! This magic world is ruled by the sweet princess Ami, a magnificient siamese cat... Ami takes care of her "subjects", handling their requests at the great castle that dominates the skyline of… Read More
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Guardian Kittens – Weigh In 2018-04-22

Good weight gains tonight across the board, which is good to see. John did some Q&A as well, in which someone asked if he was going to Periscope, which turned into him doing a Periscope, which turned into a Q&A on Periscope... anyone else feel like we're going in circles here? =) The kittens are napping after a good feed, and mama's not having this whole "kennel penthouse entry training thing" when it would wake them up, so that will have to be another time. And I'll record the periscope broadcast tomorrow and splice the two parts together. It's midnight… Read More
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Fire Pit, ATV Trailer, and Pooped Puppies

April 22, 2018 A link to the trailer cart we bought from Harbor Freight: https://www.harborfreight.com/10-cubic-ft-heavy-duty-trailer-cart-38897.html Yet another quick little update. We have not made it up to the cabin yet, but next weekend we are planning on going up. In the meantime, we played around with an idea for a fire pit up there, and we also bought a trailer we can hook to our ATV. Read More