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Kittens Meowing For Food – Burning Eye Like Makeup in Movie & TV Show

Kittens Meowing and its Eye is burning like makeup shown in the full movie & TV shows. Cats eyes trailer band is an exclusive band in the world. Anyway this kitten lives inside my house which is funny and also a bit annoying. In the next series you will see its annoying deeds. Read More
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Teddy Bear Puppy Breeds

There are a few different teddy bear puppy breeds and some people are confused as to exactly which breeds qualify for a teddy bear dog breed. On this page we will discuss the different breed types of teddy bear puppies and clear up any confusion you may have. Read More
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Mocha and the coffee bean kittens!

Watch fostercats and kittens live 24/7! Mocha was thrown out by her owners when they broke up and left her behind when they moved. She´s less then 2 years old an this is probably her first litter. We saw 2 kittens on the x-ray. Mocha gave birth to two adorable coffee beans at June 11th. Little tabby girl Libbylou was born at 5.59pm German time with a birth weight of 107g. Little ginger Pumpkin was born at 6.36pm German time with a birth weight of 110g. On June 13th, a rescuer seeked out for help for 4 kittens, born by… Read More
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Mercury’s kittens have hit their goofy stage

I half expected Hubble to go skittering sideways onto the floor! -------------------------- Mercury was part of a group of outside cats who were being fed by a family. Unfortunately, the people (who were renting) moved, and the landlord said that they had to take the cats with them. They couldn't, and so area rescues stepped up to help. She came to us on August 7, 2017. We thought for sure she'd have those babies immediately, but she waited to lull me into complacency, and in the middle of the night while I was sleeping, she had her babies. She had… Read More
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Shelby – Catch that Kitten

Lizzie's middle name is Determination, that's for sure. She found another way out - one John didn't think she'd manage. That'll teach HIM to think she can't do something, eh? Fence reinforcement is in order, and a certain amount of amusement. Meanwhile, Lizzie is taking full advantage of having the opportunity to play "follow the mama". Breaking where John heads out to get lunch for Lizzie. Shelby (estimated 2 years old) was abandoned just prior to giving birth to her previous litter who are now around three months old. A good Samaritan noticed her and kept her fed while she… Read More